Collectobil - Annual Customizing Contest - Category Three: Contemporary Figures




Annual Customizing Contest

 "The people next door or down the street as well as today's celebrities are the figures depicted in this category. The best entries should need the least amount of explanation."

Surprisingly, the three first places in the Contemporary Figures Category all go to customized versions of well known action heroes from the silver screen.

Instantly recognizable are the comedians "Oliver & Hardy", a double customizing act by Andreas Manner. "Dick und Doof" - as they are dubbed in German - have landed on this category's stop spot with 107 points.

Was it the Bond as performed by Sean Connery, Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan that inspired Oliver Deeg when he customized his "James Bond" figure out of his bag of PLAYMOBIL® parts? The famous agent's secret mission ended successfully at a second place with 101 points.

Also hidden in secrecy are the "Men In Black"
. They secured Oliver Deeg a third place with 92 points.

White Clown - submitted by Andrea A. Clarke Kicky Micky - submitted by Oliver Deeg Intrudy Rudy  - submitted by Oliver Deeg Blacky Peeky - submitted by Oliver Deeg
Kurt Cobain (from Nirvana) - submitted by Oliver Deeg Heino (German Singer) - submitted by Oliver Deeg Elvis (the King) - submitted by Oliver Deeg
 Pete Townshend - submitted by Oliver Deeg Stefan Raab - submitted by Oliver Deeg Traveller - submitted by Claudia Patarra
Tourist - submitted by Claudia Patarra James Bond - submitted by Oliver Deeg Bond Girl - submitted by Oliver Deeg
Shark Diver - submitted by John Chisholm Laurel and Hardy - submitted by Andreas Manner Men In Black - submitted by Oliver Deeg
Uncle Sam - submitted by Oliver Deeg Grassy Robby - submitted by Oliver Deeg Leefy Peefy - submitted by Oliver Deeg Chiefy Stephy - submitted by Oliver Deeg
Farm Girl - submitted by Claudia Patarra Flower Girl - submitted by Claudia Patarra Drinking Guy - submitted by Claudia Patarra
Nanny - submitted by Claudia Patarra Tennis Player - submitted by Claudia Patarra Lady - submitted by Claudia Patarra
Contemporary man- submitted by Claudia Patarra Fishing Woman - submitted by Claudia Patarra



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