Collectobil - Annual Customizing Contest - Category Five: Painted Figures




Annual Customizing Contest

 "Using only original PLAYMOBIL® parts, these figures are a real test of imagination and creativity. Good design and originality are the most important aspects of this category."

PLAYMOBIL® and science fiction don't really match. Just as the Space theme has been discontinued for the most part, there also wasn't that much interest to submit customized figures under the Futuristic Figures category.

With this category, the Jury had an easy task picking out the 3 best performances out of only 5 entries. Oliver Deeg's "Darth Vader" figure was elected as this categories best entry. Next came Jorge's customized take on "Ultra Man". The third place was captured by Oliver Deeg's other entry into the category, "Future Willy".

Ultra Man - submitted by Jorge Darth Vader - submitted by Oliver Deeg Torture John - submitted by Oliver Deeg
Future Willy - submitted by Oliver Deeg Batty Bat - submitted by Oliver Deeg




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