Collectobil - Annual Customizing Contest - Category One: Historical Figures




Annual Customizing Contest

 Figures in this category depict well known legends of a
 particular era as well as those unknown people of a time
 long ago. The historical accuracy of the figure is not
 as important as the creative effort that makes it easy to
 recognize the historical person or the period

First prize in the Historical Figures category goes to a customized PLAYMOBIL® figure from ancient Egypt. Claudia Patarra's "Egyptian Priest" convinced the jury unanimously with 111 points.

Sergio Luis Mendes customized on of the most famous classic characters from the silver screen. His "Charly Chaplin" figure came in as a close second with 109 points.

The third spot was taken by the historical personality "King Ludwig", an entry by Oliver Deeg that scored 100 points.

Chinese Railroad Worker I - submitted by Barth Paine Chinese Railroad Worker II - submitted by Barth Paine Chinese Railroad Worker III - submitted by Barth Paine Henry VIII - submitted by Julie KendallMao Tze Tong - submitted by Oliver Deeg Julius Caesar - submitted by Oliver Deeg King Ludwig - submitted by Oliver Deeg Confederate Colonel - submitted by Marc Van Kasteren
Doc Holiday - submitted by Marc Van Kasteren Cowboy - submitted by Marc Van Kasteren Indian Warrior - submitted by Claudia Patarra Indian Cook - submitted by Claudia Patarra
Indian Woman - submitted by Claudia Patarra Egyptian Priest - submitted by Claudia Patarra Jezus - submitted by Nick Foulger George Washington - submitted by Tom Hoegl
  Robinson Crusoe and Friday - submitted by David Hammer Charly Chaplin - submitted by Sergio Luis Mendes Daniel Into The Den Of Lions - submitted by Sergio Luis Mendes
Prussian Infantry - submitted by David Hammer Munchhaussen - submitted by Andreas Manner Spartacus - submitted by David Hammer
 Tower Guard - submitted by Gert Opbrouck Meeting at Headquarters - submitted by Patrick Danton Military Doctors - submitted by Patrick Danton Dangerous Team - submitted by Patrick Danton



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