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Collectobil is proud to announce the winners of the first edition of its
Annual Customizing Contest

Since PLAYMOBIL® customizing tricks and tips became common knowledge through an excellent how-to-guide posted at, collectors and fans all over the world have allowed themselves to dismantle some of their most valuable figures to recombine them into new characters.

The great results that came out of these efforts, encouraged us to set up a contest centered around the creation of customized figures. Now, six months later, and the Customizing Contest's jury members are pleased to announce the results of the contest.
Egyptian Priest - submitted by Claudia PattaraDon Quijote & Sancho Panza - submitted by Andreas MannerLaurel and Hardy - submitted by Andreas MannerDarth Vader - submitted by Oliver DeegVon Adlers Regiment - submitted by David Hammer

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Geobra, the manufacturer of Playmobil®, was so kind to sponsor the 5 Grand Prizes for this first customizing contest. Thanks to Geobra, the winner of each category will get to choose one out of the following three sets: a Viking Longboat (3150), A Wolf Clan Knights Set (3274) or a Red Pirate Ship Adventure Set (3619).

Although this was the first event of its kind, we received a total of 121 figures over the five different categories. Most popular was the fantasy category for which 43 figures were submitted. The futuristic category could have been better though with only 5 entries competing.

Jury members were selected within the fan community, but also toy retailers, product designers and PLAYMOBIL®s very own Head of Development, Bernhard Hane, were invited to cast their votes and voice their opinions. Through an online voting site, they selected the three best entries of each of the five categories.

The Customizing Contest pages will be updated
with additional pictures and comments in the next few days.



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