Collectobil - Annual Customizing Contest - Category Five: Painted Figures




Annual Customizing Contest

 "Although this category was originally limited to "painted"
figures using only original PLAYMOBIL® parts, a few
'custom' touches were added to some of the entries.
Regardless, the originality, creativity and the skill used
in painting the figures are what is most important about
this category."

The painted figures category soon became more than it was originally intended to be. Basically any figure that was not entirely composed of original untouched PLAYMOBIL® parts were referred to this fifth category. Standard PLAYMOBIL® heads were remolded into bald heads, to create a PLAYMOBIL® version of Kojak. And an upper body of a PLAYMOBIL® figure was combined with the lower parts of the new PLAYMOBIL® horse to create a PLAYMOBIL® Centaur.

Despite the heavy competition from all the re-engineered figures, the jury has awarded the first place in this category to
David Hammer's "Von Adlers Regiment", a plain and simple but well executed painting job entry that was rewarded with a record-breaking 115 points. David also scored a second time with his submission of the "Napolionic Marshall" (108 points).

Andreas Manner came in third with his PLAYMOBIL®-ized rendition of the Star Wars Character "Darth Maul". It is another fine example of how PLAYMOBIL® would be better suited than Lego to be converted into popular merchandise for blockbuster movies.

Fire Personnel - submitted by Gordon Whitehead Skull Army - submitted by Marcel Baudy Crucifix Jezus  - submitted by Barth Paine Football Player II - submitted by Peter Fix Football player II - submitted by Peter Fix Hype (from 'The Time Quest') - submitted by Peter Fix
Kiss - submitted by Carlos Cabeza Napolionic Marshall - submitted by David Hammer Von Adlers Regiment - submitted by David Hammer
Kojak - submitted by Andreas Manner Darth Maul - submitted by Andreas Manner Centaur - submitted by Andreas Manner
Patch Eyed Pirates - submitted by David Hammer Crusaders - submitted by David Hammer Vive La France - submitted by David Hammer
Wellingtons Cavalery - submitted by David Hammer Bilbo Baggins - submitted by Alvaro Escardino



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