Collectobil - Customizing Contest Rules




Annual Customizing Contest

1. CONTEST DATES: The contest will be officially announced on starting December 21th, 2001. There has been an important change regarding the submission deadline: Valid entries will be accepted between January 1st, 2002 and April 1st, 2002. The winning entries will finally be announced on Friday, June 21st 2002.

2. ELIGIBILITY: Basically everyone can enter the competition. There are only a few restrictions that apply. People who are working for Geobra Brandstatter, PLAYMOBIL®s manufacturer - or any of its subcontractors - are welcome to enter their finest creations into the contest, but they will not be able to claim any prize, because of the obvious advantage they may have over other contestants.   

3. SUBMITTING YOUR ENTRIES: We do not require you to physically send in your custom creation. Pictures or graphic renderings of the front and side of your newly composed PLAYMOBIL® characters will be fine. The entry should be accompanied by a submission form that clearly states your name and your regular e-mail address, a brief explanation containing the title or name of your customized figure and the category you have chosen to compete in, and finally a short list of the sets and parts used. The only valid e-mail address through which we will accept your entries to the contest is

4. CONTEST CATEGORIES: To allow everyone's customized PLAYMOBIL® creation to fit into the contest, and because we like to have more than just one winner, the contest is broken up into these 5 broad categories:

1st Category - Historical Figures:
Create your own PLAYMOBIL® version of a Roman Caesar, a well known medieval Emperor, or any other well established historical character.

2nd Category - Fantasy Figures:
Basically any character that you may find in the Fantasy Genre. Maybe you have some characters from the Lord Of the Rings that you might want to re-create as a customized PLAYMOBIL® figure. Or why not do better than Lego and enter your very own Harry Potter figure in pure PLAYMOBIL® design.

3rd Category - Contemporary Figures:
Figures that are based on contemporary culture: recombine your PLAYMOBIL® parts into your favorite rock-star, a famous politician, or any other character that may be exemplary for our times.

4th Category - Futuristic Figures:
You can also make another attempt at creating a PLAYMOBIL® alien figure. Or you can speculate on how the future might look like for the human race...

5th Category - Painted Figures:
You can also decide to leave a figure nearly intact, and do a little magic with paint and brush. Painted figures can span any of the four aforementioned categories.

5. CUSTOMIZING PROCESS: Only entries that were created using original PLAYMOBIL® parts are accepted. This includes any parts from sets manufactured under licensed production at Lyra, Trol, Estrela, Schaper, Mattel, Marx and Famosa/Famobil.
No additional texture may be applied: the parts you use should not be (re-)painted or (re-)colored during the customizing process, UNLESS you are competing in the Painted Figures category.  Parts coming from 1-2-3 pre-school toys or first smile products are not allowed. Any questions regarding the customizing procedure can be forwarded to

6. CONTEST JURY AND VOTING PROCEDURES: The contest jury will be composed of "several experts in the field" and may vary for each of the 5 categories. The contest jury will not see the names of any of the participants until 4 nominees and a subsequent winning submission are chosen.
The Jury reserves the right to expel certain entries from the competition, especially when creations are found to be offensive to the youngest members of the PLAYMOBIL® public. All disputes will be decided by the Contest Committee.

7. PRIZES: The 5 category winners will each get to choose one out of the following three sets: a Viking Longboat (3150), A Wolf Clan Knights Set (3274) or a Red Pirate Ship Adventure Set (3619).

8. WHAT OUR AND OTHER LAWYERS MAKE US SAY: By entering the competition you agree with the contest rules. You will respect the jury and its judging of the accepted entries. Furthermore, you will not make any effort to fight the final outcome of the contest by employing legal counsel or engaging in court actions of any sort. does not encourage you to take apart and destroy PLAYMOBIL® figures for cruel reasons or insane rituals. The only purpose of customizing - and of the customizing contest - is to showcase all fan-created characters and to introduce fresh ideas into the already existing PLAYMOBIL® universe.

The customizing contest is not supported nor endorsed by Geobra Brandstaetter GmbH & Co.KG, the manufacturer of the PLAYMOBIL® family of products.

9. COPYRIGHT & COMPENSATION: Als Teilnehmer an dem Collectobil Customizing Contest übertrage ich umfassend die Rechte für eine weltweite, zeitlich unbegrenzte Verwertung in Form von Spielfiguren und den Abbildungen von Spielfiguren an dem von mir für den Wettbewerb eingereichten Objekt auf die Geobra Brandstätter GmbH & Co. KG (PLAYMOBIL). Eine Verpflichtung zur Verwertung durch Geobra besteht nicht. Ich erkläre, dass ich das zur Teilnahme am Wettbewerb bestimmte Objekt selber und eigenständig geschaffen habe und mir keine Rechte Dritter an dem Objekt bekannt sind. Sollte das von mir für den Wettbewerb eingereichte Objekt von Geobra in Form einer Spielfigur verwertet werden, so wird Geobra hierfür eine angemessene Vergütung bezahlen.


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