Collectobil - FAQ part 2 - Replacement Parts

Collectobil Collectors Guide - Hans Beck, the Father of Playmobil


Where can I get replacement parts?

The best chance you have to find a replacement for a missing or broken part from a PLAYMOBIL® set is to get in touch with your regional PLAYMOBIL® consumer service department. They usually can help you with a request for a replacement part from sets that are currently on the market. 

How to find and contact a PLAYMOBIL® Service Department?

The exact and most recent contact information for your regional Consumer Service Department can be found on the back of the regional assortment catalogs or the mini-catalogs that come with almost any PLAYMOBIL® product.

Alternatively, you can follow this link to the international contact information page at

Where do I get replacement parts for discontinued sets?

When sets are discontinued, the stocks of replacement parts kept by the various service departments tend to dry out quickly. It will often prove to be impossible to get a replacement part directly from PLAYMOBIL®s service departments for sets that have been discontinued 4 or more years ago.

When you are looking for a part from a discontinued set, the best way to go is to keep your eye on the offering of PLAYMOBIL® sets on auction sites like and wait until a second hand version of your damaged set comes up for sale. The set doesn't necessarily have to be complete, but you better make sure to check that your missing part is included in the auctioned set.

Another solution is to put a little note in one of the PLAYMOBIL® related discussion boards, like so that someone else might find it for you...


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