Collectobil - FAQ part 4 - Conservation Issues

Collectobil Collectors Guide - Hans Beck, the Father of Playmobil


What can I do to keep my collection in perfect condition?

There are a few things you can do to keep your collection in top shape.

First of all, keep your collection of boxes in a room that offers the most constant level of humidity and temperature possible. Frequent changes in humidity will work in on the cardboard boxes and make them weak. They will loose their shape and there may occur some discoloration. Especially in basements there is a considerable chance that your boxes might be affected by certain types of fungi.

Next, make sure that your boxes don't stand in direct daylight. This will cause irreversible discoloration. Indirect or reflected sunlight is safer, because it usually does not include as much Ultra Violet light.

How do I go about washing my old and dirty PLAYMOBIL® parts?

Large pieces can be placed in a dishwasher. The ABS plastic can sustain the normal dishwashing temperatures. If you put parts together in a net or an old kitchen towel, you can also use the dishwasher for medium-sized parts.

Sometimes however, parts are so corroded that a dishwasher will not do the trick for you. In these cases Steradent - or any other brand of tablets used to clean dental prostheses - can be very effective in getting rid of the dirt.

If you want to clean parts that carry stickers or printed decals you better just clean it manually in a bowl with soap an water.

How can I open my PLAYMOBIL® boxes without the usual tears ?

Instead of reading trough our elaborate description of the ironing method, please follow this link to Playmolivers excellent photographic demonstration.

The same result can be accomplished by using a hair-dryer.

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