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On first reflection there is no clear numbering system that regulates the attribution of item numbers for PLAYMOBIL® products, except for the fact that the different PLAYMOBIL® sub brands like 1-2-3, first smile, and the purple boxed Victorian series have their own item code ranges:

3001-3999  the general blue-boxed assortment
4000-4500  PLAYMOBIL® trains & rail way accessories
4501-4999  Specials & Limited Edition Figures
5001-5999  Victorian Dollhouse & Belle Epoque purple-boxed assortment
6401-6409  PLAYMOBIL® firstsmile toddler series
6550-6999  1-2-3 preschool series
7001-7999  Playmobil® Add-Ons & Direct Service Sets

Sometimes there are gaps within the entire series of product numbers. in some cases these gaps are unintentional, but they also can give away a product still in development at times. 

Why do identical items have different item codes in Europe and the US? It sometimes has to do with different legislations and toy safety issues. 

Most sets containing cannons, are made available in the US in a slightly different form: the cannons are neutered (the spring in the cannon is removed, so that it cannot be used to actually fire a cannonball). The new naval stronghold (3112) will be available in the US with a sabotaged cannon as item 3288.

The large RC-train sets are available under three different item codes, the only difference here is a region compatible Battery Loader / Adapter.

What's with the 99xx number range?
Sets in the 99xx number range are usually sets produced in Spain that are  compositions of already or near-to-be discontinued sets. These sets are probably created to get rid of remaining stocks and usually do not contain any new material. 

Are PLAYMOBIL® item codes attributed in sequential order? Yes and No. it apparently varies from year to year. Since 1974, the numbering process has fluctuated between categorical and sequential systems. Since spring 1998, the numbers in the 30xx range have been filled almost sequentially. In 2000, most unused numbers in the 39XX range were filled, and now in 2001, after filling in some missing spots in the numbering, we see numbers that were user for some of the very first PLAYMOBIL® products being recycled for new products. 

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