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Some PLAYMOBIL® sets are regional exclusives, which means they are only available in a specific region. In some cases these sets get an international distribution later on, but this is rather an exception. 

  • Adventure Sets are a special range of discounted PLAYMOBIL® sets that are produced exclusively for US mass market outlets like Target. Most of these sets have ended up at regular toy retailers a few months after their mass market introduction though.

    The first batch of adventure sets consisted of three sets: "Eagle Rock outpost" (3028), "Red beard's Revenge" (3029) and "Knights' Stronghold" (3030).

    Later came the Police (3085), Jungle (3097) and "Fairy Tale Room" (3098) adventure sets.


    In june 2001, the adventure set product line was extended with a "Red Pirate Ship" (3619), a Second Police Adventure set (3623) and a farm set (3909).


  • The Halloween figures (3025), (3026), (3027) were first released exclusively on the US/CANADA markets. Later they were made available in Europe as well.


    This will also be the case in November 2001 with
    "Santa's Magic Sleigh" (3604), although it will be released in Europe in a different packaging.

    "Santa's Christmas Train" (4035) on the other hand was never officially made available outside the American markets, although the set has been spotted in some European Toys'R'us outlets. 

  • The Spanish Speaking markets have had a product range with very frequent regional exclusives, although this is going to be reduced in the near future.


    The typical Spanish "Vuelta Cycling Tour" (3090), "Formula 1 Racing" (3091) and "Farmers Land" (9990) sets are good examples, because they are usually compositions of already existing sets. It seems that when sets get discontinued in the main product assortment, they are combined in these kind of combi packs. 



    Jungle items (3086) - (3089) are take-outs out of the Jungle Ruin (3015). The diver (9969) is a set derived from the "Rescue Boat" (3941). The knight in (9970) is also available in the "Knights Stronghold" Adventure Set (3030). And the astronaut (9972) is abducted from the "Commander Base" (3079).

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