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Since 1978, the Hungarian firm Schenk has been reproducing PLAYMOBIL® figures, without the proper license or authorization from the original manufacturer and copyright owner, Geobra Brandstätter.

While Károly Schenk's small company never used the PLAYMOBIL® trademark, it did produce exact copies of the original - copyrighted - PLAYMOBIL® figures and accessories. But there were also sets, that were modified to match Hungarian history. The Schenk bootlegs focused mainly on military type of sets from different ages and various cultures. 

The hands of the Schenk figures were not moveable, just like the first real Playmobil® figures from the seventies. The Schenk horses did not have moveable heads, unlike the official Playmobil® counterpart. Another difference with the real thing was the a-typical choice of colors and in some cases the use of inferior plastic materials.

3 Schenk Figures in Blister Packaging

In 1995, manufacturing and distribution of these unauthorized imitations was forbidden by a court ruling. Károly Schenk was granted the right to sell off his remaining stocks in Hungary until march 1996, selling off stocks outside Hungary was forbidden. But recent reports confirm that these Schenk bootlegs are still available in some Hungarian Toy Shops.


tems produced by Schenk:
201 King (Király)
202 Girl or Woman (Lány)
203 Hunyadi soldier (Hunyadi) 
204 Crusader warrior (Keresztes vitéz)
205 Hussar (Huszár) From the (1848-1849) Hungarian War of Independence
206 Hussar (Huszár)
207 Austrian soldier (Osztrák)
208 English soldier (Angol)
209 Austrian soldier (Osztrák)
210 Pirate (Kalóz)
211 Guardsman (Testőr)
212 William Tell (Tell Vilmos) It is the Swiss hero's name from the middle ages
213 Roman soldier (Római)
214 Knight (Rostélyos)
215 Turkish soldier (Török)
216 Indian (native American) (Indián)
217 Arabian soldier (Arab) 
218 Bounty hunter (Fejvadász) Don't ask why
219 Viking (Viking)
220 Cowboy (Cowboly????)
221 American (Amerikai) It will be an US Soldier
222 Canadian (Kanadai)
223 Horse 2 pieces (Ló 2db.)
224 Diver (Könnyűbúvár)
225 Hard Hat Diver (Nehéz búvár)
226 Fireman (Tűzoltó)
227 Bricklayer (Kőműves)
228 Fitter (mechanic) (Szerelő)
229 Fireman (Tűzoltó)
230 Spanish soldier (Spanyol)
301 Coach (Posta kocsi)
302 Echo Cart (Echos kocsi)
303 Cart (Rácsos kocsi)
304 Trap (Kordé kocsi)
305 Roman Cart (Római kocsi)
306 Western Buckboard (Homokfutó kocsi)
307 Cart with cannon (Ágyús kocsi)
308 Sheriff's Office (Seriff ház)
309 Pirate boat (Kalóz csónak)
310 Camels with palm (Tevés, pálmás)
311 Traffic light (Közlekedési lámpa)
312 4 hussar with guardhouse (Őrbódé + 4 huszár)
313 3 hussar with tent (Sátor + 3 huszár)
314 Throne hall with King (Trónkészlet királyos)
315 Throne hall with Queen (Trónkészlet királylányos)
316 Cannon with 2-2 soldiers (Ágyú + 2-2 katona)
317 Cannon with 4 soldier (Ágyú + 4 katona)
318 Calibre 14 cannon (14-es űrméretű ágyú)
319 Calibre 15 cannon (15-es űrméretű ágyú)
320 Calibre 16 cannon (16-es űrméretű ágyú)
321 Siege cannon 15 calibre (Ostrom ágyú 15-ös)
322 Siege cannon 16 calibre (Ostrom ágyú 16-ös)
323 Castle defence cannon 15 calibre (Várvédő ágyú 15-ös)
324 Castle defence cannon 16 calibre (Várvédő ágyú 16-ös)
325 Ship cannon (Hajóágyú)
326 Serial fire cannon (Sorozatvető ágyú)
327 Hungarian hussar series (Magyar huszár sorozat)
328 Hussar series (Huszár sorozat)
329 Austrian series (Osztrák sorozat)
330 Napoleon series (Napóleon sorozat)
331 Hunyadi series (Hunyadi sorozat)
332 Knight series (Rostélyos sisakos sorozat)
333 Turk series (Török sorozat)
334 Crusader soldier series (Keresztes vitéz sorozat)
335 Roman soldier series (Római katona sorozat)
336 Cowboy series (Cowboly sorozat)
337 Indian series (Indián sorozat)
338 Soldier series (Katona sorozat)
339 Bricklayer series (Kőműves sorozat)
340 Aircraft (Repülő)
341 Spaceman series (Űrhajós sorozat)
342 Spaceship (Űrhajó)

Thanks to Pintyőke Gábor for reporting and additional images.

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