Collectobil News 2000/01



The legendary Playmobil Horse, one of the few molds that was left unchanged for the past 27 years, finally went back to the drawing board. The result is very different from it's predecessor, as you can judge from the swapping image below.

This horse will be premiered in set 3111, Naval Artillery. But we can also expect it will be available through other sets later in 2001.



January traditionally is the month in which additional sets are released from major release in the previous year. In 2001 these will be complementary sets to the redesigned Pirate theme. The update will consist of 4 sets:

3110  Admiral
3111  Naval Artillery
3112  Naval Stronghold / Jail
3113  Soldiers with Sea robber


The sets will be available in the export markets in january 2002.



The past week we have worked around the clock, so to speak, to migrate what was left of playmobilcentral to what we hope will be our permanent home on the web:

By transfering the site to this new domain, we have rounded up a full week of work, with the intend to meet all the guidelines that Playmobil will soon release as a solution to the recent debate about Playmobil® fan sites on the internet.

Don't forget to reset your bookmarks, because we will be abandoning the playmobilcentral domain in the very near future, and hand it over to the webmaster at the Playmobil®-Haus. 

We hope you will enjoy every visit to collectobil, and to all the other befriended Playmobil® fan sites that you will find on our links page! 



Last Friday I traveled to Zirndorf, for a meeting at the Playmobil head office. The topic of the day would of course be the presence of Playmobil fan sites on the internet, in a way that would be beneficial to both the community of Playmobil fans and collectors and the company that produces Playmobil, Geobra Brandstatter GmbH.

During this three hour meeting, Managing Director Andrea Schauer spoke very openly about the Playmobil® philosophy and their current relation towards the internet. The main concern at the Playmobil® head office is the possible confusion internet sites could cause amongst customers. Fan sites can be allowed on the internet, but only when they can be clearly recognized as an unofficial fan outing. 

In the last few weeks I have noticed that some visitors were mistaking this site for the official Playmobil® site. Although it has never been my intention, the use of original Playmobil® brand material like the logo and the head sign, may have caused people to view this as the official corporate site. And of course a dot com domain with the word playmobil® in it was another trigger that may have led to some regrettable confusion. The combination of these two factors resulted in Playmobil® requesting to remove this site from public view.

During the meeting, we discussed an outline document that will clearly lay down the conditions and circumstances under which playmobil® fan sites can be allowed and supported on the internet. The document offers a number of guidelines that will allow webmasters to create their fan sites without causing further confusion towards the general Playmobil® customer. For a brief summary of the guidelines, go here.

As a direct consequence of these guidelines, Playmobilcentral will soon be moving to a new domain, and undergo a name change. Most of the current content will however remain intact and we will continue to expand the number of items in the catalogue section. We will also be able to keep you updated in our news section, but we will try to be more careful with the sources and correctness of the information there.  Other great ideas are already under development, and will be premiered once the migration to a new place on the web has been completed... 

To come to a conclusion: We have set an important step forward, and my thanks go out to all our visitors and befriended collectors who showed their support, and to the management at the Playmobil®-Haus, who invited me to come in and exchange some point of views, although they currently are in the busiest season of the year, and have a lot of (more) important issues to deal with right now.

More news soon...



The manufacturer of Playmobil® has asked us by e-mail to take this site down. Immediately after we received that mail on Friday November 24th, we took action to remove the site from public view.

On the main page, all links to the different sections of the site where removed, the brand sensitive playmobil® text and head logos where replaced by neutral graphics, and we left behind a small notice about our shutdown, and the following cry for help:

"Write in to playmobil®, and tell them how much you enjoy collecting Playmobil®, and why a platform like Playmobilcentral is really needed to enhance your collecting experience. Most important: keep it in a friendly tone. The person to write to is the head of the Public Relations department at Playmobils headquarters: Gisela Kupiak

A few hours ago, Frau Kupiak of Playmobil®s German Headquarters called in, offering us the chance to come over to Zirndorf, so that we could discuss the situation with the management there.  A date for this meeting has not been set yet, but at least we have made a first step in bridging the gap between Playmobil® and its community of collectors and loyal fans...  A better understanding between those two is something I have long hoped to accomplish. 




There is some good news for the collectors of Playmobil audio cassettes. After years of silence, 3 new stories have been released by Karussell - Universal. The stories are told in German, for all international collectors who want to polish up their knowledge of Playmobils mother language, this is your ultimate Playmobil language course! The length ranges from 37 to 44 minutes. 

More info in the collectors guide, where we soon will include a section on Playmobil Audio Books. Thanks to Andreas Männer for the info!



Some fresh news on the Playmobil collectors book. It seems during the work on this book, Playmobil discovered that some photos and graphics of items that will be featured, were no longer available in their archives. There is some logic to this, as no one could have foretold some 26 years ago that the Playmobil concept would have grown out to become such a successful toy brand. So there was no real reason to keep those graphics around for so long... This is the main reason for the announced delay of the collectors book.



Oliver Deeg has uploaded the first installments of his Playmobil featuring Fantasy-Sage "Das Schwert Der Macht".

In these photo stories Oliver uses Playmobil figures and props to tell a great story of medieval Might and Magic.




After the Christmas Tree Decoration Set, the fifth adventcalander also surfaced in VEDES toy affiliates as a prerelease. The advent calendar has the subtitle "Waldweinacht", something that translate as Christmas Forest. This Advent calendar will be released in all markets around Christmas 2001.



Affiliates of the German VEDES buying group received their first shipments of "Baumschmuck" sets. Here comes a set that enables you to have a real nice Playmobil Christmas experience. Although only a very small Christmas tree can be fully decorated with this limited amount of tree decoration. 



The German Playmobil website has been updated and redesigned. Although this design shows a lot more promise, a few bugs need to be worked out. Especially the navigation takes a lot to get used to.
The Good news is that a Playmobil newsletter seems to be in the works. 



The last major new release this year is the System-X Family house. Designed to appeal to both boys and girls, it will in time replace either the Victorian Dollhouse or the ill-fated Fairy Tale Castle. The House and five accessory sets are available from October in non-export markets (GERMANY, AUSTRIA, SCHWEIZ, NEDERLAND, BELGIUM). 




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