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January 2001

Pirates & Naval Forces

February 2001

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March 2001

Pony & Horse Ranch

May 2001

Alien Invasion

July 2001

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August 2001

RC-Cars and traffic theme

September 2001


     October 2001

First Smile

Christmas 2001

Discontinued items 2001

The release dates mentioned on these  pages apply exclusively to the German market. Depending on where you live, the items depicted here might not be available in your region between a month or a whole year after an item's initial German release.
For the ins and outs about regional availability read this.

The International Toy Fair in Nürnberg - Germany - is the worlds largest annual event where toy manufacturers and resellers meet to discover the new trends for the coming toy season. 

Nurnberg Messehallen
Nürnberg Spielwarenmesse / International Toy Fair (1-6.02.2001)


The Nurnberg Messehallen is the place where most of the new products for the upcoming toy season are officially announced. And this is no different for PLAYMOBIL®s 2001 novelties. So we focus on the Nürnberg Messehallen to find out what 2001 will bring for the virtual community of PLAYMOBIL® fans and collectors.

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