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Thursday January 23, 2003

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- A product line specifically for the US market (Target stores).
- The Jungle and Space themes make up a large part of the discontinued sets.
- This is  the cover of the new 2002 consumer catalog.
- Take a look at the new package design.

The coverage of last years novelties, which will be released in the export markets this year,
 are still online and can be found right here.

This years novelties were officially announced at the Nürnberg Spielwarenmesse. The German toy fair is the worlds most renowned gathering of toy manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. 

It is at this annual event that the newest products and trends for the upcoming toy season are presented to the toy industry, long before they land on the shelves of toy stores and in shopping malls. 

Nurnberg Messehallen
International Toy Fair Nürnberg (31.01.2002-05.02.2002)

PLAYMOBIL® has a permanent show room at the Nürnberg Messehallen, where toy resellers can meet up with sales representatives and place their re-stocking orders. During the toy fair, however, the show room is the place where the novelties for the year ahead are officially announced.

The show room is redressed for the occasion and the novelties are highlighted with special displays and promotional material. You can also pick up the neuheiten/novelties catalogues and other folders there.

Although many collectors would love to visit the Nürnberg Messehallen on these days, the toy fair is only open to professionals: which means that you will only get in with a valid invitation / entry card provided by one of the exhibitors. Without such an invitation, you have to be able to proof that you are active within the toy industry or that your interest in toys originates from your business background. 

The release dates mentioned on the novelties 2002 pages apply exclusively to the German market. Depending on where you live, the items depicted here might not be available in your region between a month or a whole year after an item's initial German release. For the ins and outs about regional availability read this text.

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